Déjà vu

My dear friends,

I am afraid we are reaching another level of the apparent ongoing conflict around The Circle. Some posts like the post of Doublelle and Hope already made me scared enough to be concerned what the next event will be. However I don’t believe much of what was said about gods walking amongst us. I am not very spiritual anyway and this sounds to me more like some sort of megalomania which would explain the excursion of Maagal to the looney bin.

Especially with Cyberchicken I am in steady contact, but I am hiding and still trying to find some answers. I do not stay too long at one place, so watch out I might be around your neighborhood tomorrow. 😉

I use a VPN cascade to hide my whereabouts and traces on the internet. Anyhow someone must have found me and my present situation is alarming. So far only the online world seemed to be somehow controlled and attacked. Since the last weeks I fear that the virtual world was just the beginning.

I can’t tell whether I am going nuts and see strange things because of my psychological health, which may be very possible, or someone more or less hacked into my mind – into my brain.

It remembers me pretty much of the film Matrix (exactly the one of which Hope mentioned the prohibition process in America). Do you remember the scene where Neo has the déjà vu which turns out to be some reprogramming of the Matrix? Although I like the philosophical thought experiment of the brain in the vat I do not believe that something similar is going on here.

But still, I am having déjà vus of another kind, much more scary and alarming to my mind:

I remember long passages of your posts and parts of emails and other things I read as if I was there myself or as if I dreamed them. For example the report of Océane.

I know all the science about the anomaly of memory and that the brain could process a sensory input as a memory, which would lead to what we usually call a déjà vu. But this is different. I can stop reading and tell the next part of the report myself. As if it was my story or as if I was part of that story myself.

Let’s review this.

I see two possibilities: Either somehow the information got into my brain through external influence – that is the scenario which scares me most. Or something made me crazy and you have nothing to fear except maybe me, because I am a weirdo. I might check some good clinic for this, but you could help as well. Did anyone have similar symptoms or an idea what the reason of such déjà vus could be?

Investigating the first possibility someone could have found out where I am and use some brain scanner and writer to read and write in my memories. I guess during my sleep – that might explain why I think I dreamed some of that stuff. I thought that the aim may not be to implement new information, this could be some side effect. I fear that someone tries to read my mind and maybe yours as well. Did the online collection of data and information not go far enough for some people?

My advice to those that think they are affected: it might help to think important things in images, because I estimate that images are much harder to scan that text bound thoughts.

I am working on a brain scanner myself to find a prove of the memory manipulation theory.

Hoping the best for us all.

Yours Jabberwocky

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