An eye for an eye

This is the first time I address myself to you and try to participate in your blog. I have been postponing the decision to uncover my thoughts and explain what had happened to me. After all, I really doubt reading your news that there is anybody out there in a position to help me, but I am confident that those among us on the good side are able to react if not together at least coherently.

There are many ways we could complete our work of increasing the public awareness of the dangers of the circle and its allies and prevent its slaves from their destructive work. I have provided myself with the new technology in intelligent phones and tablets which makes accessible a security system that only allows the start up after a photocell recognises the iris of the true owner. Thereafter an additional password is also required. The whole thing is very sophisticated and it may help any of you (I hope above all the good ones) to act and react.

As for M, the behemoth is slow in reactions if we keep agile and clever.

Shall I finish this note with all my best to you the best?


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