It’s time that we analyze ourselves and our evidence

Dear Friends,

DodoBird wrote a strange letter – first a lot of text telling that the whole Circle thing is just imagination and not real, and then, in the end, just like a bad joke, pretends to have seen men dressed in black at the door and then to have dropped his head on the keyboard. (Hey, but that can’t have actually happened – had DodoBird really dropped on the keyboard, how could he have pressed the send button?) So I think that wasn’t really just a bad joke, but a way to show us how far we have got. After all, DodoBird is quite right – whatever we had up to now, was mostly just feelings and thoughts, but hardly any hard evidence. I think it’s time that we analyze ourselves and our evidence before we continue.

Except this psychic “Maagal” who writes poems and thinks of himself as a kind of god (Lubre, how did this guy manage – again!!! – to get into our blog??? Was Victor right that Maagal managed to use your account as well?), at least the other persons, including myself, appear to be actually worried about the situation.

Besides Delenn, also our new member Annie seems to believe that Maagal is really a superhuman being, but hopes to outwit him. Well, whoever the Circle is, maybe we can really outwit them. One thing which no other known being has ever managed to be as good at as humans, is adapting to situations very fast.

What about Océane? She tells us that she has been hypnotized in an almost romantic way by Maagal. And she has been asked to participate in the Circle. But still, she told us about that in our blog. Doesn’t that show how strong we actually are?

Tintin has dreamed up a strange second life – having killed two pickpockets with his bare hands and then disposed of their bodies, just because he thought they were Circle agents – we all know him, he could never really have done such a thing. But however, he does seem to have manipulated his own mind into a certain state of madness, in the hope that the Circle could not read his brain. This method is actually well-known by victims of torture: go mad so that you can’t give any important information away, no matter what they do to you. This has been described in various places, e.g. in the book “Menschen wie Götter” by Sergei Snegow, written and published between 1966 and 1977. But Tintin now needs our help to get out of this state of mind. I do understand his personal fear, so I see why he did it. But he will be able to do more for us and against the Circle when he’s healthy again.

I want to put this as a warning for all of us: We should NEVER, out of personal fear (that someone might read our mind or induce wrong memories), go mad on purpose – we need to keep a healthy brain in order to be able to fight. We should not be that egoistic, just to save our own lives (anyway, what life would that be, as a mad one). After all, we are fighting for the good of mankind and humanity, and maybe for more.

Jabberwocky luckily seems to have kept his mind healthy. These déjà-vus might really originate from someone trying to do something to his mind. And similar things seem to have happened to others. But we should keep in mind that “doing something to someone’s mind” does not necessarily imply that we are facing a kind of external super-beings, or aliens with a very advanced technology. I consider it far more likely that normal humans try to control our world more and more. The technology is there, in principle. With drugs or hypnosis is only one way to influence people’s minds. We all know about hidden TV commercials with pictures of a product, but because it’s just one out of many pictures in a continuous movie, we don’t consciously notice that we have seen an advert, and later in a shop wonder where we have seen this new product before. I believe our enemy is as human as we are, and probably more determined. Let’s find them, and publish their names everywhere!

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